One Node Issue (Germany)

Hi,Currently we ware getting issue with our one node for which some VPS are goes up and down.We are trying our best to resolve it soon.RegardsUpdate 2: A different customer in the same rack, was under DDOS attack for which our server was unrechable which is resolved now.Update 1: Issue is being resolved but still we ware checking it Read More »

18th May 2015
Critical QEMU Vulnerability – VENOM – affects Xen, KVM, VirtualBox, XenServer

What is the VENOM vulnerability? A new vulnerability, dubbed “VENOM” has been discovered, which exploits the virtual floppy drive code in QEMU. This vulnerability potentially allows an attacker to break out of their VM (guest) and gain privileged access to the Host machine, and its guest VMs. The official website, which contains more, ... Read More »

17th May 2015

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