Important Notice - ICANN IRTP-C 1st December 2016

Today we heard from LB on how it is to be implemented on the platform. The following is so far a draft, which should be final tomorrow. IRTP-C implementation on the LB platform. As you know, ICANN has implemented a new Transfer Policy which affects all ICANN-accredited registrars. The Transfer Policy takes effect 1st December 2016. LB would ... Read More »

19th Nov 2016
Added Let’s Encrypt SSL for Shared/Reseller Hosting Customers

Dear Customer,We are pleased to inform you that UltratechHost (Ultra Web Solutions®) has been added Let’s Encrypt SSL (Free SSL Certificate Option) for its Shared/Reseller Hosting Customers.Now Customer can install Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate within cPanel and they don't need to purchase SSL certificate from external ... Read More »

29th Oct 2016
One Node Issue (Germany)

Hi,Currently we ware getting issue with our one node for which some VPS are goes up and down.We are trying our best to resolve it soon.RegardsUpdate 2: A different customer in the same rack, was under DDOS attack for which our server was unrechable which is resolved now.Update 1: Issue is being resolved but still we ware checking it Read More »

18th May 2015
Critical QEMU Vulnerability – VENOM – affects Xen, KVM, VirtualBox, XenServer

What is the VENOM vulnerability? A new vulnerability, dubbed “VENOM” has been discovered, which exploits the virtual floppy drive code in QEMU. This vulnerability potentially allows an attacker to break out of their VM (guest) and gain privileged access to the Host machine, and its guest VMs. The official website, which contains more, ... Read More »

17th May 2015
Price revision of Microsoft SPLA licenses

Dear Ultra Web Solutions Customer,Microsoft decided to increase the price of its SPLA (Service Provider License Agreement) licenses from 1 April 2015. They are contractually permitted to raise the price once a year and so the increase is, sadly, completely beyond our control. We will increase the prices of the Microsoft license fees. This price ... Read More »

25th Mar 2015
Change in PayPal Payment Gateway

Dear Customer, You might have noticed that recently we have done some changes in our PayPal gateway that is if your registered email id does not match with your PayPal email id then the invoice will not mark as paid and to overcome this a verify mail will be send to the paypal email id so kindly confirm the mail by clicking the link so that your ... Read More »

17th Feb 2015
Change in PayPal Name

Dear Customer,

Starting from March 1st 2015 we ware changing our PayPal Name, i.e it will be from Ultra Web Solutions Private Limited to Ultra Web Solutions.


Billing Department

17th Feb 2015
Russian Server Issue

Dear Customer,

This morning we ware facing network outage, for which DC support team is working with Uplink providers.

The issue will be resolved soon.


28th May 2014
Maintenance work

Dear customers,

Tommorow, 17th of May from 3-00 to 4-00 GMT time, will be carried out emergency work on the equipment of the network core. Internet connection interruptions are possible, of up to 20 minutes each. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Location: Russia

Best regards,

16th May 2014
OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug

A critical vulnerability nicknamed "Heartbleed" was discovered in OpenSSL, the most popular SSL module used on Linux / cPanel servers. Find out if you are affected!

11th Apr 2014

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